rnoflyzone (rnoflyzone) wrote,

Немного от западных журналистов

Западный журналист украинского происхождения пишет:

Just finished wishing my aunt (who lives in the Ukraine city of Kharkiv) Happy Birthday. She turned 75 today, and it was good to hear my mom and my aunt talk about everything .... everything but the civil war that is raging only a two to three hour drive away. I know that my aunt and her husband are now afraid to even make a hint on what they feel about the conflict or what is happening on the ground in Kharkiv .... and as I have learned through other sources In Kharkiv/Odessa/Kiev .... too many people are now being arrested for questioning after talking to people in the West, and some are not being released from jail at all. For anyone who wants to contact anyone in Ukraine I must issue this warning .... all communications are now being monitored in Ukraine, and any hint of rebellion from any Ukrainian will mean quick police/military action, arrest, and questioning.

Sighhh .... these are very dark days in Ukraine.

Он пишет, что на Украине распространена прослушка, в том числе, разговоров с заграницей, и людей арестовывают, поэтому призывает быть острожными в разговорах.
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