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Газовый ультиматум Кремля

Кремль поставил ультиматум ЕС, был осуществлен вброс в СМИ, что транзит газа через Украину в ЕС просто прекратится. Например, тут:

Со списком российских обид.

Russia's patience has reached its limit. Why would that be?

The U.S. spent $5 billion to create an anti Russian government in Ukraine, right on Russia's border.
The U.S. and EU strongly supported the coup government despite its attacks on civilians in the eastern part of the country and the presence of extremist right wing elements and Nazi sympathizers.
The U.S. and EU stenographers in the mainstream media routinely report misinformation, e.g., Russian invasions of Ukraine that never occurred.
The U.S. and EU immediately blamed eastern Ukraine resistance forces and implicated Russia in the shoot down of Malaysian flight MH17. The charges were and remain completely unsubstantiated.
The U.S. and EU implemented economic sanctions against Russia and specific individuals in Russia that are intended to attack the economy.
Since December 2014, Russia has endured a vicious attack on its currency combined with directed efforts to drive down oil prices by U.S. protectorate Saudi Arabia. A significant portion of Russian government income comes from oil exports.

Россия требует принять её капитуляцию с сохранением лица, иначе грозит отключить газ.

Блог поддерживает отключение газа, но надо требовать все, что нужно, а не мелочевку вроде Минска.
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